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Pat Dryburgh

Though it is technically a 3.0 release, in our hearts it’s our true 1.0. This is just the beginning of a vision we’ve been running towards since day one.

There are a non-trivial number of video communication apps in the wild, each with their own user experience wrapped around a basic concept: connecting people over distances of any size through video. The experience that we’ve created was built with the same goal, applied to a new context, resulting in a new experience. I’m really excited to see which of our ideas work, learn from the ones that don’t, and discover new problems and opportunities along the way.

If you have remote workers on your team, if your company works from multiple locations, or if your office would benefit an easier method of connecting two spaces within the office, I would love for you to give Perch a try. If you work from an office and have kids at home, try setting up one Perch Portal at your desk and another in your kitchen. I think you might like it.

Of course, I’m not a very good sales guy, so I’ll leave you with someone who is.

Download Perch for free on the App Store

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