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Pat Dryburgh

I’ve redesigned my blog a few times, now. Ok, probably close to a dozen. Ok, ok… maybe a bit more.

Previous redesigns have primarily been a result of my own boredom. My blog is where I experiment, challenging myself to learn new techniques or technologies. It was where I first taught myself HTML 5, responsive design, and even Javascript.

For the most part, my previous designs were for me. Yes, I cared that other people enjoyed them and found them easy to read/navigate, but the primary person I was trying to impress was me.

This design, on the other hand, is for my mom.

I gave my mom an iPad 2 not too long ago, and one of the shortcuts she has added to her home screen is my blog. She enjoys reading what I’m up to and seeing the pictures I’ve taken. It, along with Facebook, are her windows into my life when I’m not around. And now that I live a couple thousands miles from her, having this site to share what I’m up to is even more important.

And so, I wanted to redesign the site to maximize her enjoyment of it. I’ve increased the size of the type. I’ve simplified the design of the archive (hat tip and thanks to Maykel Loomans for letting me steal borrow his design). I’ve tried my best to make it a great experience for her.

I plan to write more and photograph more, sharing the experiences I have and the lessons I learn, in an effort to keep both of my parents up to date with my life. That doesn’t mean I won’t be writing about design or technology or stupid jokes. Thankfully, my parents like stupid jokes. And perhaps you do, too.

So mom, if you’re reading this (and I know you are), I love you, and I hope that this site is more enjoyable for you now.

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