For the past 9 years, I’ve been working with startups and small businesses to solve big problems with design. I’ve worked with some amazing companies including Grooveshark, Fusion Ads, CocoaTech, QuickCal, Thorel Woodworking, Ethical Coffee Chain, UpThemes, Ongo, Perch, Agent Inbox, Brewhouse, Steamclock, Arc’teryx, Viral Foundry, Finstripe, Blanc Media, Platero Visual, Rye 51, and Stantec.

I’ve also had the pleasure of helping creative people like Fraser Speirs, Patrick Rhone, Ben Brooks, Richard Dew, Tim Latham, Natalee Blagden, and Carly Thomas bring their visions to life.

Currently, I am leading product and service design for microfinancing startup Ensibuuko in Kampala, Uganda.

My work has been featured in Beautiful Pixels, TechCrunch, Gigaom, VentureBeat, and the iOS App Store.

In my free time I write and record music, take photos, and explore the beautiful province of British Columbia.


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