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Pat Dryburgh

Pushed a big update to my site last night. Blog posts now live on the site’s homepage rather than buried under a menu item. I improved how pagination on the blog works and brought back a few old posts I found hadn’t been transferred from my old blogging system when I transitioned to using Jekyll in 2016. In fact, this week I discovered hundreds of posts that lived in my old system and didn’t make their way during the transition that I hope to migrate over in the coming months.

I also updated the about page with more of my history and added pages showing some of the work from early in my design career. Projects for companies like Corona Light, Pepsi Max, and my very first client as a freelancer back in 2010, Grammy-winning recording engineer Tim Latham. I learned just this week Tim later went on to win a second Grammy for his work mixing the Original Broadway Cast recording of Hamilton: An American Musical, which has since remained on repeat in my iTunes.

I would love to hear what you think about the changes. Write to me at

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