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Pat Dryburgh

Frank Chimero is starting the new decade by redesigning his personal website and documenting the process. Following in the footsteps of Jonnie Hallman, Frank is taking the opportunity to share the process by which he approaches design, starting with posts about the impetus and the goals of the project.

I’ve written about redesigning this site many times in the past, like this one from 2010, this one from 2011, and this one from 2013. This one from 2017 touches on some technical changes I made to improve the current design you’re looking at today (assuming you’re looking at the site on the day this was published; who knows how long this design will last?).

When looking up those posts, I thought I would find mention of a time back when I was using Tumblr when I was designing my blog in public, but it seems I didn’t have the foresight that Jonnie and Frank have today. I’m excited to follow along on their journeys and learn from masters of the craft.

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