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Pat Dryburgh

yesterday was eventful, to say the least.

i went to Stoney Creek Baptist church yesterday. I’m starting to like it more and more. Not necessarily the music, or the preaching, but just the overall atmosphere, the openess to it. I feel welcome, even when I dress up in my rockstar get-up (though, the old guy greeter yesterday had a bit of a shocked expression on his face when I came through the door). Sarah played piano again, and she was wonderful. I’m so impressed with her musical abilities. I just wish I told her more.

After church Sarah, her sister, and I went to the college and career’s kick off lunch. It was good times. The people there are very nice, and I actually look forward to being more a part of that (even though, once again, I have neither college nor career).

After this we went back to the K-house, got dressed up, and headed off to the Exodus in Peril/Hello Kelly show. I was under the impression that this was a college and career event for New Hope Community church…however, it most definitely was not. Instead, as we pulled into the drive, our eyes caught sight of several youth and pre-youth, awaiting entry into the concert. However, once things got rolling, a few older people joined in. Exodus in Peril, unfortunately, was stricken with sore-throatitis. However, I was impressed with their new guitarist. I look forward to seeing more with him.

After EiP was Hello Kelly. Honestly, I was not looking forward to seeing/hearing these guys. I had the impression that they were 99.9% hype, and that they were really not as talented as many liked to think. However, once they got started, I saw that my presuppositions were very untrue. I was very impressed with their musical abilities, song writing, stage presence, and everything else. To top it off, the two guys I met, Mike and Francois, were very nice. So, I say to Kelly, kudos to you.

After the show, we went to McDonalds, and then back to Sarah’s. Somewhere along the way, I lost my cell phone. I am still trying to find it, so please pray that things will work out.

Today, I wrote two songs. I may post one later.

I said earlier that I don’t have a career. Well, that was a little misleading. I don’t have a career, but I do now have a part-time job. I am working at purolator as a sorter. Basically, I put boxes on trucks. Sounds exciting, I know. But, it’ll hold me over for a while, until I can find another job. Much thanks goes to my brother, who had a bit of a hand in my acquiring this job. Thanks bro.

Anyways, that’s all for me. Anyone getting tired of these overly-long posts yet?

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