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Pat Dryburgh

Came home from work cos there was nothing to do, and my throat really hurt. I’m hoping to go buy my new guitar amp tomorrow. Does anyone want to buy my acoustic amp?

The whole “band” thing is frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, Dave and Ty and Dusty are amazing guys, and amazing musicians. However, because we are all such amazingly cool people, we definitely have a hard time getting our schedules to match up. Also trying to decide things like t-shirt designs and other things are made much more difficult. I guess it’s good though, because then we aren’t settling. Chances are, if I were left to make all the decisions myself and they didn’t have any input, we would be a boy band by this point, with Dave leaving to start his own side project called “Ants in My Pants” and Ty would be in rehab for ODing on gravy. Dusty of course would have started the “Dustin Martin Band” and gone on to make millions, but let’s not tell him that’s his alternate future.

I know this all sounds like madness, and it is. But, I love my band, and I love that for some reason, people are interested in what I have to say. I dunno, I guess I’ve never appreciated that before, but now I do. So, thanks for listening.

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