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Pat Dryburgh

I woke up at 8:30. This is a sleep in for me now-a-days. It was dream-worthy. I cleaned up my room, cleaned up myself, put some clothes on, went to the bank, got some money, paid my dad, and left home at around 10.

I got to Orangeville around noon, but had no idea where Francois’ place was. I text messaged him, and just drove around town a bit, trying to find roads I recognized (there were none).

Francois and James rescued me at around 12:30. We met up with Mike, and had some lunch at Wendies. At around 1, we made our way to Owen Sound. We were supposed to be there around 2:30, but no one was at the church when we showed up, so we went for some Tim’s. I got a gross hot chocolate that Francois liked, so he had some. I didn’t win anything.

We set up and sound checked in a few hours…Manic Drive was having some problems with their Moog, which was too bad. But, once everything was set up and ready to go, we just hung out in the back room, ate some pizza, and just chilled before we hit the stage. Francois and I went to the washroom to do some last minute prep work, and when we came out, realized that the rest of the band were already on the stage.

We came on, and the show began. 7 songs later, the set was done.

We hung out for quite a while with the fans, and just had a cool time chillin. We went to Montana’s after (my first time) and it was really good. Francois bought him, me and James a deep-fried cheesecake, and it was delicious.

We got back to O-Ville around 1:30, and fell asleep around 2.

My first Hello Kelly show.

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