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Pat Dryburgh

so this weekend was kinda crazy. 3 shows in 18 hours. haha, but it was fun.

the first was at GTA. Matty Johnston and Trevor Howard played too, which was fun. The next was at gasp a bar. It was Paris Burning’s cd release party, and it was a blast! Met some great people, had a good time. Didn’t drink any (don’t worry, mom) only cos I don’t drink when I sing.

The next day I loaded up in a car with my amazing friends Kevin and Jenn, and headed out to Hanover to play with my other awesome friends, Dave and Tyler. My New Obsession took the stage after a 4 month break, and it was a lot of fun! I was worried a bit, but after a few glitches we pulled through and rocked it like we do.

Today I went to church. It was about Father’s day, obviously. It was alright. I’m kinda getting bored, just sitting there. I need to be involved. But, I guess one day.

anyways, that’s all for today. happy father’s day dad. and happy birthday mom.

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