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Pat Dryburgh

I want to live in the city. Not in the big houses in the city, or in one of those towns who have been eaten up by the city. I want to live right in the city, in the downtown. I want to know that at any given moment, a chafeur is ready and waiting at my door (with a 50ft bus in tow). I want to know that down the street, there’s a coffee shop that me and my friends (with whom I have highly intellectual conversations with) can hang out at, and order “the regular.” I want to know that outside my door is someone who is in need, who I have the ability (and hopefully the compassion) to help. I want to know that my girlfriend can come over any time she’d like, whether it’s right after school, or late at night after a fight with her folks. I want to be independent. I want to be free.

I’m trying to work on writing music again. I’ve been writing for my band, which is great, but I want to write for myself for a bit. I want to see how I can apply the things I’ve been learning about music can apply to other forms of music. I want to work on my piano again. I want to write a love song. I want to sing.

I am thinking about trying out for Canadian Idol. It’s coming to Waterloo and Toronto. I don’t know if I’d make it or not, but I at least want to give it a try.

Sarah is currently creating a masterful diet for me right now. If it works, I want her to publish it. I’ll be the spokesperson, and she can be the famous writer who gets to travel to the book stores and book clubs and sign people’s copies of first editions. I also want her to follow her dream of opening a coffee shop, so I can have free coffee.

I would really like to find a church in London that has people who are interested in discussing life, being thoughful and caring and intellectual, and yet are also cool people who like to have fun, hang out, spend time together. I really enjoy my time with Kevin and Jenn, but I’d like to find more Kevin and Jenn’s.

I guess I’ll just leave you with this for tonight.

“If my home is where my heart is then my home is in your arms”

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