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Pat Dryburgh

i was told today at work that i don’t smile as much as i used to. maybe because work sucks? hello? would you be happy working for $9/hour putting friggin’ produce on the counter? i think not.

i don’t really know what else to talk about tonight. i had an amazing time with my loverly girlfriend sarah tonight. she is so good to me, and i love her so much. i’m sorry, i’m not trying to brag, but i am the luckiest man in the world. i really don’t deserve this.

my new obsession…it’s funny that i talk about this as if you’re interested. i know for a fact that there are some ebc’ers who intentionally avoid us. have you even heard us? do you even know what we’re about? clearly not.

i’m really excited about what’s happening in our little world right now. we’ve got a new guitarist and are looking to add another. we played in guelph on sunday night at’s church, and it was grand times. we played a new song and it went over really well, which has encouraged me as our new songs are (i think) much better than the crap we have now.

anyways, i dunno what else to say. so, there….i’m back on top.

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