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Pat Dryburgh

Got back last night from a weekend at Darien Lake. Rode the superman 3 times, which was awesome. Also, the light/fireworks/laser show at night was amazing! I really want to own a krypton-argon laser now.

Finished the last week at camp on Friday. Glad that’s done. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but 7 weeks is enough for me. Overall the summer was pretty good. There were some issues with the directors and such, but other than that things went well. I learned a lot this summer, about waiting on God (in a real, practical sense), how if we trust God he’ll give us the desires of our hearts, and once again how fun spooning is.

Got a call from the church in Brampton…kinda playing phone tag with them right now. Hopefully we’ll get something worked out. I am really torn by this whole thing, wanting to go to work at an awesome church, and staying so that I can be with my amazing girlfriend. I really don’t want to leave Sarah, again, but as of right now that’s where things are lookin’ to go. Unless I get a call from New Hope Community Church in London sometime soon.

Anyways, that’s all I really want to write today. Take care.

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