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Pat Dryburgh

When I read Manton Reece’s announcement that the apps would be swapping out Avenir for default system fonts, I wanted to see what a redesigned landing page designed with Apple’s San Francisco font would look like. This design was not solicited by nor has it been shown to anyone on the team.

The idea for the photo in the header would be to solicit photos of community members holding a device displaying their blog. The photo would change on each page refresh to promote the diversity that makes up the community.

The rest of the content has been left as-is or with minimal editing for clarity and effect.

Would love to hear what you think 😊

Unsolicited Homepage Design Exploration for
Unsolicited Homepage Design Exploration for
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Mappe Of is an avant-folk artist who last year released a concept album called The Isle of Ailynn. To explore the world that had been created, visual artist Kristyn Watterworth and filmmaker Edward Platero spent months painting and filming Ailynn in Virtual Reality. Every blade of grass, every leaf, and every creature on and around the island was drawn in VR using Google Tilt Brush.

The result of this undertaking is this album-long, forty-four minute music video that is the most breathtaking thing you will see today.

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Jon Fingas writing for Engadget:

[Github’s new mobile app] unsurprisingly won’t let you edit code…

I’m surprised. Very surprised, in fact. I’ve been using Working Copy—a git client for iOS—since 2017 to publish blog posts from my iPhone. It saves files, has a built-in code editor, and commits new code that then triggers a rebuild of this site on Github Pages.

When I first heard Github was releasing a mobile app, I was excited to see how it compared to Working Copy. Now that I know it doesn’t let you commit code, I see no reason to even download it.

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For the past several months, I’ve woken up almost every morning with back pain. Not sure whether I need a new mattress or if this is simply another symptom of my doctor’s diagnosis that I’m “just fat and lazy.”

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During this latest campaign to promote remote work as an alternative to office work in an effort to reduce potential exposure to COVID-19, is anybody keeping an eye on our supply of Herman Miller Aeron chairs?

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CJ Chilvers has been blogging a lot about newsletters lately. As someone who doesn’t subscribe to newsletters and instead prefers technology like RSS, this bit hurt a bit:

I just wanted to let you know that there’s more going on in my newsletter than on this blog for a reason: I take your invitation to your inbox very seriously and I want to add value with every issue.

I’m not sure how subscribing to a blog’s RSS feed is any less an “invitation to my inbox” other than the fact it’s a inbox dedicated to what I want to read as compared to my email inbox which is full of stuff I have to read.

Of course, I’m probably wrong about all of this. My blog has less than a hundred subscribers and my newsletter—which is just a digest of everything I post on this blog sent as an email every Thursday—has less than 40 readers. Maybe there’s something to be said for putting in the time to create unique content for both audiences? I really don’t know.

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