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Pat Dryburgh

The Plague Nerdalogues is a collection of speeches from genre film & TV as read by famous genre actors. Access to the collection is provided by making a donation of any size, all to benefit Black Lives Matter.

Initially created as a response to and in support of those affected by COVID-19, the project is the brainchild of podcaster and producer on Star Trek: Picard, Marc Bernardin. On last week’s episode of Batman Beyond, Marc’s podcast with director Kevin Smith, Marc shared his thoughts and feelings about the history of violence against African Americans and other People of Colour.

Once you’ve made your donation, access to the videos will be available for as long as the site is online. It’s so simple that the collection isn’t even really behind a paywall; it’s just an HTML page you are redirected to after you’ve made your donation. I could share that page with you right here, right now and nothing could stop you from accessing the videos for free. It’s a project built on the honour system, and I for one choose to honour the system and ask that you donate to Black Lives Matter, as well.

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