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Pat Dryburgh

This is how I recorded this one’s for Roland (@rtanglao)

  1. Created a Workflow based on a previous Workflow I had created for posting to my Jekyll site from my iPhone via Working Copy
  2. Added steps for recording and previewing the audio, encoding it to MP3 and then base64 and storing that as a variable
  3. Pass the base64 string through an x-callback URL that writes the file to my local repository
  4. Come back to Workflow to paste this text into a text field
  5. Store this text as a variable
  6. Pass that variable through to my standard x-callback URL for posting content on this site
  7. Frantically refresh my blog hoping I can spot and fix any bugs before Roland notices
  8. Quickly load the post in Working Copy and edit the incorrect scr in the audio element caused by an errant variable
  9. Come back and try it again when site.baseurl is discovered to not work on my site
  10. Realize it still isn’t playing in Safari, so pull the latest from the repository onto my Macbook Pro and rebuild the site locally to test
  11. Realize that adding a source element inside of the audio element works, but wonder why Roland didn’t seem to have to do this on his post ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Go back into Workflow to update the Workflow to match the new markup
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