Pat Dryburgh

Hijack a project to convince your company it's ready for a design system →

This article from Segment’s Jeroen Ransijn was a real gut punch for me. I recently attempted to apply the exact same strategy to a project I’m currently working on, but differs from my experience as I have thus far failed in my execution.

Where I think I went wrong was when I decided against bringing the newly created design system into an older, existing project I was later asked to help with. My reasoning at the time was to avoid conflicts with the multiple other design libraries already in use by developers who had worked on the project before I joined. This decision has prevented me from being able to continue evangelizing the design system I had created to the organization, leaving my poor design system in the dust.

Jeroen’a excellent article is part of a new ongoing project called, “a resource for learning, creating, and evangelizing design systems” by Figma1. Really excited to dig deeper into this resource over the next few days.

  1. The collaborative design tool I wish Danny Robinson and I would have thought to create back in 2013 while we used Google Slides to remotely design Perch 3.0.