Pat Dryburgh

Blogging with Airtable →

A few years ago my friend Edward Chan introduced me to Airtable, a very neat tool for creating relational databases through simple spreadsheets. Teams use it for everything from customer relationship management to project management to documenting inspiration for creative projects.

In addition to its very impressive UI, Airtable also offers an API. Designer David Yeiser just launched a redesign of his blog which is now powered by Airtable’s API and Next.js, a framework for server rendered applications. David can now update his blog using Airtable on his desktop or mobile device, including storing drafts and publishing different types of content.

As someone who’s currently using a complicated mess of Draft actions and Workflows to publish his blog from his phone, I’m currently a bit envious of David’s approach. While I’m not quite ready to make changes to my current setup, it’s inspiring to see people experimenting with new ways of publishing to the open web.