Pat Dryburgh

James Shelley on his recommitment to the open web:

The ultimate value of the Internet is that it is an open network. I want to invest my time and grow my understanding in a dataset I can access, transport, query, and utilize in the future. For me, right now, this means using WordPress to amalgamate my personal “online existence” in a MySQL database that I own, instead of relying on Facebook or Twitter — or whatever the “next things” might be — to host my digital life for me on their terms, under their conditions.

If you follow me online, you may have noticed a decline in the quantity of content I’m publishing. Aside from the occasional reply on Twitter or Instagram photo, almost everything I’ve had to say can be found right here on my blog.

Well, anything I’ve had to say publicly, that is. The vast majority of my writing activity has been invested in the work I’m doing with Ensibuuko. Speaking of which, we’re currently on the lookout for Laravel developers. If you or someone you know is available, let me know!