I went to the dentist today. A couple months ago I had gone for a check-up in Orillia, and was told that I’d need two root canals, and have my 4 wisdom teeth removed. In the midst of all of my life-transition, I had to put it on hold. Finally, today I was able to start the process of fixing up my pearly whites.

I went into the dentist expecting one of two things. The first was simply to get some newer x-rays taken, and then scheduled in for a future appointment to tackle what needed to be fixed. The second was that I would have the x-rays done, and then have at least one if not both of the root canals completed.

What ended up happening was that the x-rays were taken, and then the dentist started the root canal on one tooth. After doing a bunch of drilling, the dentist added a temporary filling and that was that. I didn’t feel any pain, and was glad to be on my way to getting the work done.

That is, until the freezing started to wear off…

For a solid two hours tonight, I laid in my bed, writhing in pain. It actually felt very similar to when I was assaulted, as there was a small amount of numbness sensation left, while the rest of my face felt like someone had stomped on it several times with a boot (which, in the instance of the assault, had actually happened).

Hopefully tomorrow some of the pain will subside, and I’ll be able to continue on with my job search.